Provider-Led Population Health Management

Available for Download: Infographic Companion Deck

Use this infographic companion deck to share visual overviews of key topics in population health management. The 14 slides in this PowerPoint deck were created to be used together as a presentation, or separately as individual slides.

Download these slides to brainstorm, shape, and convey your population health strategies.

The titles of each slide are:

  1. Population Health Management
  2. How ACOs Can Manage Population Health
  3. Population Health within the Medical Neighborhood
  4. Clinical Integration
  5. Meaningful Use and Population Health Management
  6. The Data Lake Framework
  7. Predictive Modeling
  8. New Ways to Think about Return on Investment
  9. Care Coordination through Information Technology
  10. Lean Care Management
  11. Patient Engagement
  12. Using Automation to Improve Post-Discharge Care
  13. Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health
  14. Cognitive Computing and Population Health Management