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Thank you for your interest in the IBM Executive Webinar "Watson Health: Innovations in Value-Based Care" on April 28, 2017, from 12:00 - 1:00pm ET. This session was a panel discussion with IBM Watson Health moderated by Anil Jain, MD, Chief Health Informatics Officer; who was joined by Cory Wiegert, VP of Offering Management; Rich Holada, Value-Based Care Technology Leader;  and Ron Ozminkowski, VP of Cognitive and Analytics. 

During this presentation, our speakers discussed:

  • The current challenges in VBC and how Watson Health approaches them
  • An overview of Watson Health offerings, analytics capabilities and platform
  • Key themes and opportunities in emerging areas of value-based care



Anil Jain, MD, FACP
VP & Chief Health Informatics Officer                                            
IBM Watson Health

Cory Wiegert
VP of Offering Management
IBM Watson Health

Rich Holada
Value-Based Care Technology Leader
IBM Watson Health

Ron Ozminkowski
VP of Cognitive and Analytics
IBM Watson Health